Thursday, December 27, 2007

Why we plant trees

Tree planting is the most popular Earth Day event and one of the most common activities people associate with helping the Earth. Millions of trees are planted by Canadians each year. Planting is an act of putting down roots and contributing to the future. The simple act of planting a tree, helps the environment in so many ways.

filter pollution from the air
help recycle water

prevent soil loss

create shade

give shelter from wind and rain

provide homes for animals
make food for humans and wildlife

provide an interesting, soothing, learning environment for children and your community
and much more!
Without trees, there would be no life on this planet!

How to plant seeds

Dig a hole wide and deep enough to cover the root system.
Handle seedlings by the base of the stem, taking care not to bruise the bark.
Lay the roots straight down the hole in a natural arrangement. Do not bunch, spiral, double-over or bend roots.
Keep stones and twigs out of the hole (they create air pockets that dry out roots).
Plant seedlings slightly above the root collar swelling.
Cover with soil. Do not bury live branches or foliage, or leave any roots exposed to the air.
Tamp soil firmly with toe (not the heel) to remove air pockets.
Create a mulched area around the tree that is 50 percent larger than the spread of the branches and five to 10 centimetres deep. Wood chips or shredded pine or cedar bark are great mulch, as are oak leaves and pine needles.